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About KOL App

KOL Content Website A paragraph about KOL App KOL provides comfort whether you are on a night out with friends or at your office with colleagues. Your social gatherings experiences are renewed through online technologies, KOL will help you pave the way to a different sociable altitude. Where youcan invite friends, Pay, and not worry about bill splitting anymore. KOL will be your go toapplication for dine-in and pick-up.

Our Features


How to share with Friends:

You can invite your friends to the order using their phone numbers or if they already have the application you only choose the user. With one Click you have a group of friends to order, split, and enjoy food with. ... Choose “invite friend” to invite your friends to the same orders if they are not in the same place as you and select their users from KOL user list or send them invitation through any social platform you prefere Invite your friends through scanning their personal QR Codes from the home page if they are already as same place as you are
Live your next level of social dining experience with KOL without worrying about time and money!

Dine-in by scan QR code

Download KOL, Scan Table QR Code
and get instant access to the Digital menu to start ordering ... KOL Allows you to be the controller of your dine-in social experience by scanning your table QR Code to start ordering. KOL QR Codes Allow you to access Restaurant’s Menu with all details and order at the same time from your smartphone without the need for a waiter to serve you!


Pick ups

Choose your cafe or restaurant from KOL map, start ordering and invite your friends to join. Order, grab on the go and no longer Wait in line with KOL ... Order your food or coffee of the day and confirm your order when all of your friends are sure about theirs. Proceed with payment so Restaurant can receive your order and start preparing it for you!

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